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Brief summary:

NAET is a non-invasive, drug free treatment to neutralize

allergic reactions in the body, and to help the body regain the

ability to assimilate key nutrients. The standard course of

treatment is to complete the “basics” first, which consists

of 15-18 substances; and then moving on to known or

suspected substances i.e. food colorings, dairy, gluten, nuts,

pollen, vaccines etc. Parts of the body can also be treated.

For example, Broca’s speech area of the brain, any part of

the body affected by allergen contact such as lips, any part

of the brain responsible for developmental disabilities such

as cerebral cortex , or specific neurotransmitters like

dopamine. Usually working on base nutrients will start to

affect these areas so they are treated first. Emotions can be

treated, such as fear, to calm the child.


Expected length of treatment time, if treated 1x a week can be 6 months – 2 years. In some cases, some progress is seen as quickly as 1-6 treatments, in more extreme cases it may take over 30 treatments. Anaphylactic cases can take 1-2 years of treatment and re-introduction of the allergen is given only under supervision of an MD.


Dr Devi led an autism study which can be read about here:

and the Nambudripad Allergy Research Foundation is heading a Phase II, Randomized, Placebo controlled multicenter study to evaluate the efficacy of NAET in subjects with Autism with 1300 participants. You can read more here.

What exactly is NAET?

NAET stands for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique.

A practitioner must be a licensed MD, DDS, DVM, NP, DC, ND, or Acupuncturist in order to attend NAET trainings, which are led by Dr Devi Nambudripad.

NAET is a safe and effective, drug-free technique for detecting and eliminating/desensitizing all types of allergies. NAET combines the use of Muscle Response Testing, Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine to clear allergic reactions through a reprogramming of the brain and central nervous system.

NAET therapy reprograms the brain and nervous system to stop reacting to allergens and other offending substances.


How does it work?

NAET therapy is painless and easy. Muscle testing is used to determine the body’s response to the allergen, which is represented by an energy vial. The practitioner then stimulates the nerve roots along the spine, then the acupuncture channel that runs parallel to the spine which connects with all of the organs and channels while the patient holds the offending substance/ allergen vial to desensitize the body/mind to this allergen. This retrains the brain to recognize the substance as harmless. When the muscle testing shows that the body is no longer reacting to the allergen, some acupuncture points are stimulated to encourage this new information of energy to flow throughout the body (traveling through all the acupuncture channels which connect to the entire body).


Directly following the treatment, the allergens need to be avoided for 25 hours to allow the energy system to go through a complete cycle to ensure that the effect of the treatment holds.


What Is An Allergy And How Might It Affect Us?

An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity of one individual towards one or more

substances, which may be harmless or even beneficial to a majority of other individuals.

In other words, an allergy is an energy imbalance between the energy of the person and

the substance causing unpleasant physical, physiological, and/or psychological reactions

in the individual.

When you have an allergy or an intolerance to something, your brain/body wrongly

interprets this substance as harmful to its survival. This triggers unwanted reactions

with varied symptoms such as rashes, fatigue, headaches, asthma, mucous,

anaphylactic shock, depression, anxiety, autism, ADHD, etc…

There are 12 primary energy channels or pathways running through the body,

each with a 2 hour cycle, making up a full 24 hour cycle. These meridians become

blocked as a way of protecting us from this “harmful” substance – an allergen.

The unfortunate result is that when our energy channels are blocked, overall

functioning of our body suffers and chronic illness may be one of the results

What Is An Allergen?

Any substance capable of producing the above reaction is an allergy.

What Are The Causes Of Allergies?

  • Toxins from various sources: food, bacteria, fungus, virus, neuro-toxins like mercury, MSG, pesticides, radiation, etc.

  • Post-Injuries, Accidents, Surgery, etc.

  • Genetically Transmitted: Inherited allergies

  • Deficiency and Mal-absorption disorders

  • Emotional Traumas

Categories Of Allergens:

  • Inhalant

  • Ingestant

  • Contactant

  • Injectant

  • Infectant

  • Physical Agents (ie barometric pressure, radiation,fabrics)

  • Genetic Factors

  • Mold and Fungi

  • Emotional Factors


How do you know which allergens to test?

Muscle testing tells us which allergens are causing weakness in the body’s systems. Muscle testing is done to determine which substances or environmental factors need to be treated. At the beginning, patients are tested and treated for “The Basic 15” items. Once these are cleared next is other known allergens including specific foods, nutrients, chemicals, pollens, weeds, parts of the Brain ie Broca’s speech, balance area, neurotransmitters, specific organs and any possible emotional allergies*.

*emotional allergies may spring up from conscious or subconscious reactions to trauma, or may be a result of long term emotional patterning causing blockages; permission is always asked before going forward with emotional treatments: from a conscious level of discussion with patient and subconscious level of muscle testing to patient

Treatment: The Basics

The ‘Basic 15’ consists of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed for normal physical, physiological and emotional function. These nutrients are normally absorbed from the food we eat but if someone is allergic, sensitive, or intolerant to a basic nutrient, they are unable to absorb and assimilate these nutrients and only a bare minimum needed for survival will be absorbed.

Essential nutrients are a necessity for optimum health, proper functioning of the body, healing, growth and development. If someone is allergic to a specific food ie wheat or eggs or dairy, , they may also be allergic to the nutrients contained in them like certain proteins, calcium, vitamin C, B-vitamins, certain minerals, etc.

Once these Basics are treated, the body can begin to assimilate and utilise the essential nutrients. In essence, your body will be more harmonized to this substance and won’t react against it, instead optimally assimilate the nutrients.


Order of the Basics?

The 'Basic 15' are always checked first and cleared and these are done in a particular order. You may feel this procedure to be unnecessary, if say, the only allergy that you are aware of is to a certain type of pollen or just dairy. This system has been developed over years of research by Dr Devi Nambudripad and this is to minimize the number of treatments, maximize effectiveness, so that the effect is permanent/long-lasting. Once the Basic 15 are cleared we can move on to other  allergens. By treating the Basics first, a foundation for general health is established, along with a strengthening of the immune system, and the body will then be able to handle the more difficult allergy clearings successfully.


The items are ordered on priority of importance to the body. They are mostly combined 'Mixes' of

related components, grouped together with the aim of clearing the whole group in one treatment.


The first treatment is a formula called BBF (Brain body Balance Formula)

This prepares the body for the following treatments. It clears the pathways

for healing to occur. With the very young, occasionally treating with BBF

may be enough to clear their symptoms.

Next is Egg Mix (stand in for basic proteins), because the body depends

on these proteins for its health. Egg protein is close to a complete protein

that is easily recognised by the body. Even if you do not eat eggs, your

body will still recognize egg protein due to the similarities to the human

body proteins. Allergy to proteins (eggs) can make you more susceptible

to frequent colds, flu-like symptoms, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia,

asthma, skin problems, hair problems like poor growth, falling hair,

premature greyness, breathing problems, digestive disorders, muscle and joint pains, fatigue and weakness of the muscles, poor blood circulation, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, water retention in the tissues, mental disorders like manic disorders, poor memory, poor concentration, headaches, sleep problems, irritability, hyperactivity and many other infections.


Calcium Mix (including Milk Mix). Calcium is the next most important substance for optimum function. Calcium is particularly important for movement - central nervous system, nerves, muscles, joints, bones. Walking, running, eating, good heart rhythm, etc. All these require a certain level of calcium in the blood. Typical problems with Ca deficiency or malabsorption  include chronic fatigue, general aches, muscular aches, constipation, hyperactivity, irritability, general inability to relax, insomnia, etc., and in the longer term, possible thinning of the bones & osteoporosis.


Vitamin C Mix. Vitamin C is needed for growth, development, immune system function, healing and repair of the breakdown of cells wear and tissues, clearing waste products and toxins from the blood, etc. Patients may be less reactive to fruits and vegetables after vitamin C is cleared. The exceptions will include those that are sensitive to sugars, yeasts & molds .


Vitamin B mix. The B mix contains all the B vitamins, which are necessary for a variety of functions. It may be necessary to check and treat any individual B vitamins separately. The B vitamins are a key nutrient for the nerves and nervous system.

Sugar Mix is the next item. For the normal absorption and assimilation of B-complex vitamins, sugar is essential. B-complex vitamins travel in the body from one place to another with the help of sugar molecules. This may present as various nervous disorders, addiction, overeating, alcoholism, smoking, insomnia, fatigue, allergies, hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, etc., and these could be due to allergy to B-complex, Sugar or both.


Iron, Vitamin A, Mineral mix, Salt mix, and Grain mix.

These first ten items are important in building up the system and maintaining a good immune system. If you have a strong immune system, you can get through the NAET treatments easier.

When immune function is poor some side effects such as light headedness, nausea, lack of energy, etc. may be experienced while going through the treatment, or during the 25-hour period after the treatment. Experience has also shown us that patients may get through in one treatment per item if they follow the order of treatments. If you follow the order as given in the list of basic allergens, it is more likely that you will require fewer treatments, since inextricably linked and known physiology and research indicates that this is the optimum order to test & treat.


Yeast, Acid, Base, Hormones

These items finish the "basics"

Environmental Allergies: The Importance of Addressing Food Allergies First

People with environmental allergies almost certainly have food sensitivity / allergies. Most of the environmental allergens, also have food elements to them. Plants, trees, grass, weeds; etc., contain vitamin C, vitamin A, minerals, vitamin B, etc. Whilst it may be relatively easy for some to stay away these environmental allergens, but staying away from food is another issue. Once any nutrition & food problems are cleared, the body will again be able to absorb and assimilate nutrients required to support the immune and nervous system. With this support & improved function they will be in better state of health and any further treatments needed will be able clear much easier. This is why it is so important to treat any nutritional problems present, before any environmental allergies are addressed.


Who Can Benefit From NAET?

NAET is suitable for all ages of patients and can offer relief from food and environmental allergies, food intolerances, chemical sensitivities, and more.

Are Results Permanent?

Most results are permanent unless they are re-aggravated.  The NAET practitioner will counsel on how to keep the results long lasting.


Treating ADHD and Autism with NAET

ADHD is considered to be a long term, chronic illness affecting 3-7% of children half of which will likely continue having troubling symptoms into adulthood.


Allergy-related autism is a nutritional deficiency disorder causing biological, neurological, and developmental problems in children. The nutritional deficiency is not caused by failing to take enough nutrients by mouth but by poor digestion, absorption, assimilation, and utilization of essential nutrients due to allergies. Autistic children are not digesting whatever they consume and their bodies do not receive essential nutrients from food or supplements they take.


NAET treats allergies related to the symptoms of ADHD and Autism

Short term goals expected from NAET treatments:

-reduce or prevent symptoms of ADHD and/or Autism

-improve quality of life


Long term goals expected from NAET treatments

-maintain normal energy circulation in the head and neck area

-maintain normal activity levels

-prevent recurrent symptoms of ADHD and Autistic behaviours

-prevent exacerbations of symptoms of ADHD and Autistic behaviours

-improve quality of life

-improve peer relationship

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