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Photo of a man and woman jogging and looking at each other happily.
A picture of a white haired white woman with glasses smiling.
A picture of an Asian American family including a man, a a woman, and a young child, all smiling.
A picture of a middle aged man with folded arms, smiling.
A picture of twi white haired white women smiling. One of the women embraces the other.
A picture of a white woman with long brown hair, smiling.
A white father and a white child wearing a dress smiling and embracing.
An elder white man with his arm around an elder white woman, smiling.
A BIPOC man smiling, using exercise equipment.
A BIPOC woman with long curly hair smiling.
Three generations of white women smiling.

I specialize in pain management, treating peripheral neuropathy, stress reduction, insomnia, and allergies.
Specialized care means you get faster results.

Windstone Acupuncture logo of golden spiral with green and violet swirls inside.

Click here to read and watch vlog entries where I share little bits of herbal and lifestyle tips to help you explore more paths towards nurturing your well-being. 

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