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Photo of a man and woman jogging and looking at each other happily.
A picture of a white haired white woman with glasses smiling.
A picture of an Asian American family including a man, a a woman, and a young child, all smiling.
A picture of a middle aged man with folded arms, smiling.
A picture of twi white haired white women smiling. One of the women embraces the other.
A picture of a white woman with long brown hair, smiling.
A white father and a white child wearing a dress smiling and embracing.
An elder white man with his arm around an elder white woman, smiling.
A BIPOC man smiling, using exercise equipment.
A BIPOC woman with long curly hair smiling.
Three generations of white women smiling.

I specialize in pain management, treating peripheral neuropathy, stress reduction, insomnia, and allergies.

Specialized care means you get faster results.

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