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NAET Allergy Elimination

NAET treatments are available by appointment at

various times outside community clinic hours.  
Appointments are approximately 45 minutes long. It

is highly recommended that you complete at least

the first 15-20 basic treatments for optimal results.

Treatments are $75, First visit: $90.
*Please contact me directly by email or phone
for scheduling NAET appointments*

What is NAET? 
NAET stands for Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination

NAET was developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, MD, DC, L.Ac., PhD (Acu) in 1983 as a safe and effective

method of treating allergies of all types, including food, environmental and emotional.

Using a process known as kinesiology, or muscle response testing, the allergens are determined. The process of clearing or desensitizing an allergen involves gentle stimulation of pressure points along the spine, and then acupuncture.  Avoidance of the allergen for a 25 hour period completes the therapy.  

NAET can be used safely on anyone, including infants and the elderly, and it is 100% natural, without shots or medication.

This therapy is a way of reprogramming the brain to accept substances that it had previously identified as harmful or toxic.   The result is allergy elimination.

How does the treatment work?


NAET is based on the theory and concepts of electromagnetic energy. Your body has a flow of electrical currents called meridians or energy channels. Blockage occurs in the meridians when the body has an allergic reaction. Blockages of different meridians result in different symptoms. By stimulating key acupressure points along the spine while the patient is holding the allergen vial, the electromagnetic energy is altered in the patient’s body thereby eliminating and neutralizing the allergic response. A chemical, enzymatic, and physiologic change occurs, which neutralizes the immune mediators and interrupts the antigen-antibody reaction. This clears the energy blockages and notifies the brain that the allergen has been desensitized.


How many treatments does it take?


For each allergen being tested, one session is usually needed for clearing that particular item, but in some cases, multiple sessions may be needed.  Only one allergen is cleared or treated per visit. This is not only because your body is actively focused on the one allergen, but also because it would be difficult for your body to go through this procedure with multiple allergens at the same time.

It is advised to clear the first 15 basic families of allergens before moving on to more specific ones. The basic treatments include treatments for essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and those that are needed for the normal physical, physiological, and emotional functions of the human body. These nutrients are necessary to maintain a good immune system. When one does not have a strong immune system, allergic reactions are intensified. When one tries to desensitize a severe allergy without improving the immune system first, reactions can be strong and/or unpleasant.

Are the results permanent?


Dr Devi reports an 80-90% success rate in 30 years of practice. If the allergy is not complicated, one treatment should do the job. Some allergies can be more difficult to eliminate and will require more than one treatment, but in general it usually only takes one treatment to eliminate an allergy to one family of allergens.


Guidelines for treatments:

In order to receive the best possible treatment, it is important to read and understand the following information:

  • Successful elimination of allergies requires clearing of all major allergens tested in the initial basic nutrients.. These may include allergies to vitamins and/or minerals and must be cleared before treating other items. Many food allergies originate from an allergy to vitamins within the food. If such vitamins are not cleared, the foods containing those nutrients will remain allergenic. Furthermore, the body does not fully absorb nutrients that have become allergies, and the immune system may not be strong enough to hold following treatments. Because of this important factor, the initial allergens are treated in a specific order.

  • Typically, following the treatment, the allergen must be avoided for 25 hours. You may not eat or touch the substance.  If the allergen is impossible to avoid, as in the case of dust or pollens, you may wish to wear a dust mask for five hours following the treatment.

  • After the major allergies are cleared, you may eliminate any allergy in any order, including remaining food items, inhalants, environmental allergies, contactants, etc. If no major food allergies are present, all other allergies may be cleared at any time.


Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Please maintain your own treatment and food records.

  • Please do not smoke or wear strong perfume prior to a treatment. These odors can affect the testing and treatment of yourself and other patients in the clinic.

  • Do not eat candy or chew gum during the treatment.


*******Please advise of anaphylactic reactions************

Official NAET website:


Psychology Today article on NAET:


Current NAET research:


Read a more elaborate summary of the initial Basic 15 NAET protocol here.

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