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COVID UPDATE: Masks are no longer required in clinic. I will still be wearing a mask and masks will be available to anyone who wants to use one. Please stay home if you are sick.

A link for online scheduling.

Online scheduling is available here.
You will not be able to book less than 9 hours in advance but there may be appointments available last minute so please email:

or call 303-362-0596 to get scheduled.

Walk-ins are not currently available but

same day appointments are usually available.

*You can download all of the forms you need for treatment here.

*Be sure to eat prior to treatment.

*Be sure to wear clothes that allow access up to the knees and  elbows.

*Appointments are approximately 45-60 minutes long. Please advise if you have time constraints.

*Please refrain from wearing strong scents as treatments are done in a community room with others, and I treat many people with chemical allergies.

Community Clinic Hours:  (these hours may fluctuate slightly)

Tuesday          11-2

Wednesday    2-6
Thursday        11-2

Saturday         9-1

The price is $40-$70 for acupuncture in community clinic
(you decide what to pay)
$10 additional fee for initial visit

NAET Allergy Elimination treatments are available by appointment at various times and with different pricing. The fee for NAET is $75 with an additional $15 at the first visit. Please see the Allergy Elimination page for more info. To make an appointment please call 303.362.0596 or email directly.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture is available by appointment at various times and with different pricing.

Please see here for details on pricing and more.

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